More blatant media bias exposed

Not that there was any doubt but Avi Mayer has still further proof  how gently the liberal media treats its favorites who act and/or behave despicably while denigrating those who don't conform to standard liberal thinking.  

And yes, CNN, I'm talking about you.  From the staging of the Democratic presidential debate  to reporting on national and international affairs you usually are unfair and definitely unbalanced.

In your defense, you are not alone so you think this is standard best journalist practice.  Big hint:  it isn't.  

Who knew after surviving thousands of years, Joseph's Tomb, an ancient historic, biblical site could just spontaneously catch fire?  Just like that.    

Next, you'll  report without question on the Mahmoud Abbas, now in his 15th year of a four year term as president of the Palestinian (sic) Authority, eulogy for a 13 year old innocent who was killed by evil Israelis.  Oh, you did.

In reality, "he has been shown by street cameras to be engaging with a 15-year-old cousin in a stabbing rampage in a Jewish neighborhood."

Eyewitnesses said the 13-year-old, Ahmed Mansara, repeatedly stabbed a Jewish boy of the same age as he was getting on his bicycle outside a candy store.

Photographs published on Israeli web sites Thursday also confirm that Mansara is alive. He is shown lying in a hospital bed in Jerusalem with a bandage on his head but looking otherwise well and quite alert.

By the way, the murderous 13 year old is being treated in Hadassah Hospital, an Israeli hospital for all its citizens.  

Just thought you'd like to know.  

But then again, in the liberal world, all is moral equivalence and murderer and defender are all the same in the "cycle of violence."   But not in the real world.