'Massive planned invasion' storms channel tunnel as 'migrants' seek to enter Britain

The tunnel connecting Britain and France was closed to train traffic for up to 6 hours, as hundreds of "migrants" engaged in a planned assault to use it to enter the U.K.  The Daily Express reports:

 Eurotunnel services between Folkestone and Calais have been suspended until at least 10am in both directions – with passengers facing delays of up to six hours.

Officials believe the "large and co-ordinated" group planned the intrusion before attempting to reach Britain at around 12.30am on Saturday.

A Eurotunnel sokesman said: "It's a massive invasion and intrusion by a very large and co-ordinated group of migrants.

One has to wonder why they prefer Britain to Germany, with its official welcome and lavish welfare benefits.  Is there another agenda at work?

Muslims have invaded Europe twice before, being stopped at Tours by Charles Martel in 732...

...and 951 years, later history repeated itself as bloody tragedy at the gates of Vienna in 1683.

Now, a mere 332 years later, a third wave comes, not as conquerors (yet), but as mendicants.

As Karl Marx predicated, history repeats itself a second time as farce.  As experience shows, once the Muslim population of a district reaches a near majority, sharia law starts being enforced, violently when necessary, and no-go zones proliferate.  It is farcical to allow this to happen.

Hat tip: Clarice Feldman

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