Los Angeles Muslims block the street to pray

If any other religious group in America pulled a stunt like this, we would never hear the end of it. But Muslims are a special class.

And so in Los Angeles this week, a street was clogged and rendered impassible because a horde of Muslims decided to roll out a huge prayer rug, set up speakers to broadcast the Arabic drone, toss off their shoes, and block the street in order to pray (here). Of course prayer was just part of the agenda. The other part was to assert supremacy.

I guess they figured this would be a win-win. They get to assert supremacy while being able to claim they need more and bigger mosques.

This tactic has been used many times in other cities:


New York

If Obama has his way (and it seems he always does), soon their brethren will be arriving en masse to join them.

Please do everything in your power to put the brakes on this madness. People are slowly waking up and speaking out. But the pace must quicken.

Hat tip: Atlas Shrugs

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