Leftist lies matter

The opposite of "right" is both "wrong" and "left" – and these really are synonymous far more often than you might think.  Most Democrats, for example, believe that the German Socialist Worker's Party was right-wing, see Democrats as heroes in the struggle for black civil rights, and rage against the fascist book-burners and revisionists denying evolution, human equality, and Chairman Mao's lifelong beneficence.

It may not be true that some lies matter more than others, but it's certainly true that some lies reveal more than others.  That's the case with Democrat efforts to remove the specter of Huckleberry Finn from American culture – because anyone can understand why denying Wilson's commitment to eugenics or FDR's support for the Kyoto Seven makes sense for a party pretty clearly on the wrong side of history, but the attempt to remake Mark Twain as a Democrat while erasing his work needs an explanation that's both subtler and broader.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is an American parable in which Huck and the people around him evolve as Twain thought America should evolve: away from the stratified society symbolized by kings, dukes, and dear old dingbats fortified behind social barriers and white picket fences, and toward an egalitarian world in which intelligence and character count, but neither birth nor color does.

Thus, the storyline turns on Huck's ability to transcend the culture in which he was raised to form a lasting friendship with that culture's ultimate bogeyman: Nigger Jim, an escaped slave met in the dark.  But really it's about the the triumph of American idealism over its European heritage – a lesson the founders, along with John Locke and Jesus, would have understood as intended to inspire those who believe that individual moral goodness can combine with clear thinking to defeat the pretentious, the corrupt, and the politically correct.

The truth about The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is therefore that the work preaches exactly the values, from equal rights and equal opportunity to environmental stewardship, Democrats claim to stand for – and yet they want to rewrite the work while banning the original.  So why?

The answer is that Mark Twain's America is the America they hate and fear – the example they don't want the rest of the world to see.

Democrats, remember, are the people who have the neo-Nazi skinheads thinking of themselves as right-wingers; the 1%-ers who rail against the 1%, but who, when in power, always institute policies making the rich richer and the poor poorer; the people labeling Republicans anti-science Luddites while canceling science funding, preaching warmism, and denying human evolution to claim men and women equal to the point of interchangeability; the people who claim to hate racism but enforce race-based policies everywhere and always to the disadvantage of the poorest, the blackest, and the least educated amongst us.

The vast majority of people who vote Democrat have absolutely no idea what it's all about – or whom they're really voting for.  They think they should hate Huck Finn, for example, because Twain spells "the n-word" correctly – but as the Clintons probably know, the people who invented and paid for Obama certainly know, and "Hanoi Jane," when she appeared in a movie to announce that the fancy dress she wore was a personal gift from Chairman Mao, seemed both prideful and truthful.

So why?  Because Huckleberry Finn is an American classic – because "right" generally means "(factually or morally) correct," and that's a reality the national socialists controlling Democratic Party messaging through Sergei Eisenstein's Hollywood and media successors, including Wednesday's CNBC "moderators," want desperately to suppress.