John Kerry 'pulsating' with propaganda

John Kerry just offered up such a load of horse manure that he outdid even the most outrageous of dhimmi fools (and there are a lot to choose from).  Writing for Front Page Magazine, Daniel Greenfield reports on a tweet Kerry sent out on Thursday that read: "The Middle East today is the home of populations that are energetic, youthful, forward-looking. It is in them that we place our faith."

Seriously?  Yes, the secretary of state – a professional fool – is serious.

But Kerry wasn’t finished.  He had more to say.  And he said it (again, pathetically, using Twitter): "[The] Middle East today is still marred by sounds, spectacle of violence – but it need not be. The region is also pulsating with life."

“Pulsating with life”?!  Oh, the irony.

Someone really needs to tell Mr. Kerry that the Middle East (Israel excluded) is pulsating with misery, illiteracy, disease, violence, oppression, corruption, hate, destruction, evil, and did I say death?  You don’t have to be an Islamic scholar to know.  Muslims there have told us quite succinctly, in fewer than 140 characters: “We love death more than you love life.”  And they prove it to us every single day in all manner of hideous, sick, and twisted ways.

Yet despite the gruesome truths about the “Middle East” (aka Islam and Muslims), John Kerry saw fit to proclaim that the region is full of life, brimming as it is with youthful energy.  In fact, the Middle East is apparently so overflowing with life that it is the new frontier, the future.  And it is in its energetic youth that we should put our faith.

And indeed, we see that youthful energy overflowing into Europe, don’t we?  Why, these young whippersnappers just can’t contain themselves, eager as they are to spread the word.  Yup.  These folks are “forward-looking,” all right.  Onward to the caliphate!

John Kerry is a menace, and people will continue to lose their lives because of him and others of his ilk.

Hat tip: Jihad Watch