Jeremiah Wright claims 'Jesus was a Palestinian'

The man who married Barack and Michelle Obama, baptized their daughters, gave him the title of one of his books, and was the only beneficiary of his charity dollars before Obama’s presidential run, has made a remarkably ignorant antisemitic claim. Speaking to an event named with a not-so-veiled threat,  “Justice or else,” held on the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March he sponsored (and that Obama attended), Louis Farrakhan claimed:

“The same issue is being fought today and has been fought since 1948, and historians are carried back to the 19th century… when the original people, the Palestinians — and please remember, Jesus was a Palestinian — the Palestinian people had the Europeans come and take their country.”

Wright also made the bizarre claims that:

“As we sit here, there is an apartheid wall being built twice the size of the Berlin Wall in height, keeping Palestinians off of illegally occupied territories, where the Europeans have claimed that land as their own,”

Some elementary and indisputable facts:

Jews are not native to Europe, they are Middle Eastern in origin. Period. If by “Palestinians” Wright means Arabs, he should know that they only arrived in Israel (called Palestine by the Roman conquerors) in the wave of conquest that followed Mohammed’s rise. They were stuck in Arabia at the time of Jesus’s life.

But face it: as Ed Lasky reminds us, Farrakhan is motivated by hatred of Jews, which he has repeatedly expressed. “Judaism is a gutter religion.” “Hitler was a great man.”

As for that “apartheid wall,” it was built solely to prevent what was an ongoing wave of terror attacks. And it has worked.

Video, if you have the stomach:


What are we to make of Obama's two decdes attending Wright's church? Powerline's John Hinderaker sums it up:

The madness goes on and on, and the hate is palpable. Barack Obama couldn’t have missed it, which means that he must have agreed with it, or at least been fine with it.