Is Paul Ryan the speaker savior?

Now that Kevin McCarthy has decided that the Speakership is not for him, the question becomes, who is next? Paul Ryan's name is being floated around. You may remember him as Mitt Romney's VP candidate who got his clock cleaned by Joe Biden. Biden was a maniac, but was still seen as delivering a better performance than Ryan's dry, technocratic style answers.

But don't just take my word for it. Here's Mark Levin's view:

“I’ll tell you something else about Paul Ryan,” Levin said. “When you think back about his debate with Joe Biden – Joe Biden kicked Paul Ryan’s butt. It was embarrassing. Joe Biden was unleashed. He would smirk. He would smile. He would cackle. And Ryan would sit there where a regular person would say, ‘You know what Mr. Vice President? Why don’t you conduct yourself in a way that is respectful to the American people and the office that you hold? That would have won the debate right there, but he just sat there. So now he’s admonishing conservatives. It’s easy to attack your own people. It’s easy to attack conservatives. It’s easy to demand that they surrender their principles. I had really, really high hopes for Paul Ryan. I really did. I thought he was a stand-up conservative. But obviously the establishment has gotten to him. He’s definitely one of them.”

Do the Republicans really want a speaker who is so inarticulate?

But there are those who think highly of Ryan. The Chamber of Commerce, for one, who gives him a 90% rating. Unfortunately gives him a slightly different rating, of 58%, or an F.

Ryan voted to fully fund Planned Parenthood, despite the gruesome videos that surfaced showing the sale of baby body parts. He also voted for Obamatrade, famously saying that in order to find out what was in the secret legislation, it had to be passed first.  He supported budgets that exchanged immediate increases for "future" spending cuts. He voted against an attempt to cut funding for Obama's illegal executive amnesty. He voted for the 1700 page $1.1 trillion spending bill that no one had time to read that gave Obama nearly everything he wanted. He voted to fund the Export-Import Bank.

And so on and so on.

Conservatives don't have the numbers to elect a conservative speaker. But as I have outlined, they should extract concessions from whatever establishment Republican is picked. But whatever candidate is picked, it should at least be someone who is capable of putting forward a position without crying, lapsing into technospeak, or putting his own foot in his mouth, like McCarthy.

So what's so special about Paul Ryan? He's like Scott Walker without the motorcycle.

This article was written by Ed Straker, senior writer of, the conservative news site.

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