If black lives matter, Iraq is safer than Chicago


While Democratic candidates for president are still trying to decide if only black lives matter or all lives matter a group of black individuals, who look like the sons President Barack Obama (D) might have had, made their decision. And their decision is nope, black lives don't matter at all.  Then they prove it as they shoot and kill other blacks, most of whom, by some strange coincidence, also look like Obama's imaginary sons. 

Indeed, residents in some parts of the city, where most of the people look like Michelle Obama's relatives, call their city Chiraq, a compression of Chicago and Iraq. But they feel Iraq is even safer.  Most unusual, Chicago has stricter gun control laws than Iraq.  However, amazingly, the shooters don't seem to be obeying the city's gun laws.  

After a recent shooting in one of those neighborhoods: 

Titania McCain came out in her bathrobe to make sure her car didn't have any bullet holes.

The gunshots woke her up, she said, and she didn't know what had happened. Nor did she expect this to happen on the block of small brick houses.

"It's scary. I've been to Saudi. I've been to Iraq. I've laid at home safe and sound and …"

Her voice trailed off.

McCain, an Army veteran who retired in 2011, said she was stationed in Iraq from 2006 to 2007. She said she'd never seen anything like the shooting scene on her doorstep.

McCain said she knows some people are insulted by the nickname "Chiraq" for Chicago, but not her.

"The name doesn't offend me because it's accurate," she said. "Terrorists, right here. People walking around killing people."