HS football coach will sue school district for refusing to allow him to pray after games

A high school football coach whose post-game ritual includes a short prayer at midfield will sue a Washington state school district for refusing to make a religious accommodation for his beliefs. Coach Joe Kennedy, a veteran of both Iraq wars, was threatened with disciplinary action if he continued to kneel at midfield following each game and saying a prayer.  The district cited the possibility that they would be sued as the reason for the ban. After initially obeying the district, Kennedy changed his mind and continues to pray after games.  The district informed him last week that they had refused a religious accommodation for his beliefs. Daily Caller: The district says in the letter that if he Kennedy wanted to discuss finding a private room to pray they could likely oblige him. “To summarize: While on duty for the District as an assistant coach, you may not engage in demonstrative religious activity, readily observable to (if not intended...(Read Full Post)