How 200,000 invaders turns into 2,000,000 in the blink of an eye

If you think 200,000 invaders imported into the United States is appalling, consider this: Once they settle here, they bring their family. The Australian reported on a leaked document that reveals how this results in the base number of invaders expanding almost overnight. Although the article is about the situation in Germany, the point applies to the United States (or any country accepting these conquerors).

Chancellor Angela Mer­kel is facing open dissent from members of her coalition government amid predictions that the number of migrants arriving in Germany this year could reach 1.5 million. (snip)

The new estimate of 1.5 million came in a confidential government paper leaked to the newspaper Bild. It is widely believed the source of the leak was the interior ministry.

The secret document said each refugee had a “family factor” of four to eight people, meaning they could be expected to arrange for up to eight relatives to join them once settled in….

The “family factor.”

So when Obama says we should accept 200,000 “refugees,” what that really means (as if 200,000 isn’t awful enough) is that we are accepting as many as 1,600,000 invaders. If you factor in the high likelihood that many of these families will continue to have children once they’re here, the number easily reaches 2 million.

Two million (more) Muslims, few of whom speak English, many of whom are uneducated, a large number of whom are unemployable or who won’t want to work, many if not most of whom will never integrate into our culture, the majority of whom will come “clinging to their religion” (to use a misdirected phrase in the proper context), and Lord knows how many of whom will inflict harm.

Why are we doing this? Oh, yes. I forgot. The fundamental transformation of America.

In this case, the particular pathway to said transformation has several options and can move pretty rapidly (the left’s favorite pace).

There are as many as three avenues for bringing family members once a refugee is admitted, with an I-730 application being the most common. Eligible family members are those considered “immediate family,” such as spouses (multiple?), children, and/or parents. Cousins, for example, do not qualify. However, in light of how common inbreeding is in Islamic culture, these relationships may be difficult to tease apart.

The timeline for approval is relatively fast. Once an application is submitted, the average processing time (based on global stats) is a year to a year-and-a-half.

Imagine that. You are admitted into the United States and as soon as a year later your entire family may be imported as well. That is how fast 200,000 invaders becomes well over a million and a half. And counting.

So when you educate people and speak out against this madness, be aware that the dangerously high numbers of “refugees” Obama wants to admit is actually much higher. And the higher it goes, the harder we fall.

Hat tip: Front Page Magazine

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