Hillary's nightmare. Bernie, what will it take?

There was much discussion about Donald Trump and his possible third-party run.  The media loved discussing it, and one could sense they quietly hoped for it.  Sadly for the Democrats, Trump pledged not to spoil the Republican chances of victory with such a vote-splitting move.

The greater likelihood is a third-party run by Bernie Sanders.  Hillary is afraid to speak of it.  So is her mainstream media.  I’ll bet Bernie has thought of the notion.

The American Socialist candidate, Bernie Sanders.  It has quite a ring, doesn’t it?  And why not?  He is the Ross Perot of the left and a potential spoiler for Hillary.

Bernie certainly knows the deck is stacked against him.  The massive Clinton machine, the "foundation," the networking, and the love affair with the media are all strong headwinds for Bernie.  Sanders's followers will urge him to form the third party and potentially sink any chances of a Democrat win in 2016.

But did we get a glimpse of a deal, an understanding, already between Hillary and Bernie?  During the last Democrat "debate," Bernie declared that the email issue was old news and thus provided a faux cloture.  That is a curious move for a candidate, to offer such a gift to his opponent.  Bernie is clean in matters of intrigue, which is an asset to him.  Hillary is hip-deep.  Yet Bernie helped pull her from the mire.  Was Bernie just being a good sport?

Bernie Sanders could be the great deal-maker in this election, not Trump.  Bernie could suddenly become “motivated” toward a decision not to form a new party.  Despite the urging of his followers and regardless of their allegiance, Bernie just might turn to a more personally convenient solution.  If Bernie needs convincing, one might wonder what form Hillary’s “convincing” might take.

The socialist might be the big deal-maker, the big financial beneficiary in the entire campaign show.  How poetic it would be.