Hillary deploys her ultimate weapon -- her cackle -- to deflect serous question on emails

Jake Tapper did not get a chance to question Democrats in their first presidential debate, for some reason, even though he was chosen by CNN for the GOP debate the network broadcast. Perhaps as a consolation prize, he was able to get a one-on-one sit-down interview with Hillary Clinton, and asked her about her email scandal. Before he could even finish his question, she deployed her most feared weapon, the extended cackle-laugh.


It was a remarkably inappropriate response to a serious question about national security. But it served its purpose, which was to evade a serious answer and signal to her supporters that these questions are not worthy of a response.

Will she deploy the cackle when questioned by the House Special Committee on Benghazi next week? My guess is that she will, and I suspect that members of the Committee will have appropriate responses if she does literally laugh in their faces.

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