Germany changing in the wake of Muslim invaders

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel has propelled Germany into a descent into madness and ruin.  Here is a short tour of the new Germany, courtesy of Bare Naked Islam (BNI).

Garbage and feces are visible in public spaces.  But that’s okay.  German schoolchildren can clean it up.  What better way to introduce them to the dhimmi status that awaits than to have them start young and perform duties as if indentured servants for the invaders (here and here)?

Meanwhile, many trains are out of service, unusable until they are completely disinfected.  Muslim invaders do not use toilets or garbage disposals.

Schoolgirls are told to cover up because male invaders might “misunderstand” or be “offended” and unable to control themselves.  Germany has just imported the true rape culture: Islam (here and here).

BNI also reports on a tiny town just across the border in Austria.  It is unrecognizable.  There are invaders, garbage, and feces everywhere.  Women dare not venture out alone for fear of being attacked.  With few police and no political will to do anything about it, the situation continues unabated.

There are rumors that some police officers stationed in areas particularly hard hit by these savages have come down with mysterious illnesses.

One female Christian volunteer stated they are continually berated as “Christian whores.”

None of this should surprise anyone.  All of it could have been avoided.  But Europe has chosen death over life.

Some Germans are trying desperately to stop this suicidal insanity by trying to block busloads of invaders from entering their towns.  To no avail.  The German police protect the buses, not the German citizens.  Watching a video clip of this (here) was like watching the seeds of a civil war.

One can only imagine the joy terrorists feel to see this unfolding – all going according to plan.  Perhaps even easier than planned.  Who would have guessed that Germany would have flung open the doors so wide?

Is there hope?  Yes, because there is always hope.  Masses of Germans have been rallying to defend their nation, though you’d never know because the media doesn’t cover it (here, here, here, here, and here for recent rallies).

May the German people prevail.  And may we, here in America, do everything possible to ensure that this is not our future.

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