Extra PC madness in our schools

Let's look at a couple of stories that speak volumes about the PC madness and its hold on our public schools.

This is a news story from California:

A 12-year-old California honors student violated his school's dress code for wearing a patriotic T-shirt administrators claim is "gang related," Fox 40 reported Tuesday.

Dustin Cole, a student at Yuba Gardens Intermediate school in Olivehurst, arrived home last week wearing the T-shirt his mom had bought him inside out, according to the station.

The shirt included a red star with the number 31, or a reference to California being the 31st state.  A school district spokesman said the star is often associated with a gang.

Well, so what?  These are a bunch of cowards in the school district who would rather pick a fight with the U.S. flag than with the gangs.

Over in Katy, Texas, a 7th-grader failed her assignment because she believes in God:

A seventh-grade assignment in a Texas school district asked students to deny the existence of God, a student said.

The Katy Independent School District has since apologized and the principal of West Memorial Junior High School determined the assignment wasn't necessary for students.

But the assignment still didn't sit well with one student.

Jordan Wooley said she answered the question "there is a God" in two ways.

"I said it was fact or opinion," she said, adding she answered that way because "based on my religion and based on what I think and believe, I do not think it was a common place assertion."

Jordan said her reading teacher said both her answers were wrong and that she had to admit God wasn't real.

"It was really confusing to me at first because I didn't really know what to do, so the first thing I did was tell my mom," Jordan said.

Her mom, Chantel Wooley, couldn't believe it.

"That a kid was literally graded against her faith in God in a classroom," said Wooley who questioned who would want that to be known.

Jordan testified at the Katy school district's Board of Education meeting Monday night.

What kind of assignment is this for a 7th-grader?  We are talking about a 12-year-old girl and a teacher who should know better than to bring issues like that into the classroom.

Like the shirt story referenced first, this is PC madness.  It's the reason why so many parents are dropping out of the public schools and looking for alternatives, from homeschooling to private schools.  

These two incidents also make the case for school choice, or giving the parents the opportunity to choose their schools rather than stay stuck in this monopoly called the public school system.

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