Expert fortune teller Mitt Romney predicts Trump will not be nominated

See also: Mitt Romney calls some GOP presidential candidates 'skunks' If someone were accurate in predicting the future, wouldn't you go to him to ask all the important questions in life?  I would!  Then it's understandable why the media is seeking Mitt Romney's predictions about the political future of the presidential race.  Mitt Romney accurately predicted the results of the 2012 election, that he would lose to Barack Obama, but he cleverly kept this secret to himself and went through the motions as if he could win, in order not to dispirit his followers. And what words of wisdom does the all-seeing, nearly first choice for president in 2012 have for us now? Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney had some harsh words for 2016 candidate Donald Trump at the 7th annual Washington Ideas Forum on Wednesday. The ex-Massachusetts governor pledged that he would be supporting his party’s choice for president, but added...(Read Full Post)