Excited Latina describes her Donald Trump dream

Donald Trump brought an extremely enthusiastic Latina onto the stage at a rally where, near tears, she confessed her ardent support for Donald Trump.  Naturally, the media were interested to know more about Mr. Trump's #1 Latina supporter, and she spoke at length to CNN.

Myriam Witcher told CNN, "He is our man sent from Heaven. He is a very, very, very beautiful human being."  When asked how she first met him, she explained that The Donald came to her in a dream.  "I told my husband that I saw Donald Trump in my dreams, and I saw an opportunity to give him a hug."  There is no word on whether Mr. Witcher was equally excited upon hearing this news.

When asked whether Trump's statements, including calling for a border wall and calling "some Mexicans" rapists and killers, bothered her, Witcher replied, in better English than Jorge Ramos, "It doesn't bother me at all.  Mr. Trump he 100% right.  He my perfect man.  We have problems with criminals; we have problems with drugs.  People are scared to go to the street after 6 PM."

This wasn't what CNN was expecting, because all "Hispanics" are supposed to think the same.  But Mrs. Witcher is Colombian, not Mexican, and Colombians are very different from Mexicans (and not all Mexicans are alike by any means, either).

What this clearly shows is that "Hispanics" are not one-issue voters.  Candidates with charisma like Trump can invade the dreams of señoritas and woo them with their charm.  Hispanics also care about other issues like safety and security, and Trump can appeal to them on those and other grounds.

This doesn't fit in with the liberal narrative that if you support enforcing existing immigration laws, you will lose the entire Hispanic vote – certainly not when some polls show that Trump is actually leading with Hispanics.  If a candidate with charisma who is right on the issues is articulate and bold enough to speak out, almost anything is possible.

This article was written by Ed Straker, senior writer of NewsMachete.com, the conservative news site.

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