El Chapo has more lives than a cat

According to news reports, the Mexican Army attacked El Chapo's compound, but he got away again:


Security forces hunting for the escaped drug kingpin Joaquín Guzmán Loera tracked him to a hide-out in Mexico’s remote northwestern mountains, but he fled as they approached, injuring his leg and his face, Mexican officials said late Friday.

The government’s national security cabinet said in a statement that information from “international agencies” had directed the manhunt in recent weeks to the area known as the Golden Triangle, a rugged area at the border of Mr. Guzmán’s home state, Sinaloa, and the neighboring states of Durango and Chihuahua.

There was no direct confrontation between security officials and Mr. Guzmán, who is known as El Chapo, or Shorty, the government said. The statement did not say how grave his injuries were, nor how long ago he fled.

El Chapo may face a very difficult time if he was badly injured.  No one knows for sure, but some injuries to the face and legs did happen.


The first problem is finding a doctor or clinic capable of attending such injuries.  He will die unless he can get to a hospital in a major city in the northwest of Mexico.  The Sinaloa-Chihuahua-Durango area is very rugged, as any fan of western movies can tell you.


Also, I'm assuming that the Mexican authorities are patrolling the roads and stopping suspected automobiles.


It's possible that El Chapo has advanced medical facilities at one of his many hideouts, but we are not sure whether he can get to them.


One way or another, it does look like El Chapo has run out of luck.  He is either going to be captured again or deteriorate in the mountains.


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