CNBC Beclowns Itself

There is not a sentient human on the planet who does not know, without a shadow of doubt, that the mainstream media is a left-wing collective or that its main mission is to ridicule, demean and render irrelevant anyone with conservative views.  Its inhabitants have been indoctrinated in the universities they attended, and have marched into their media jobs with all the proper left-wing credentials; they are almost all Democrats who have never questioned WHY they are Democrats.  

Since critical thinking is no longer a skill taught in any American educational institutions, they do not know that they should or are allowed to question the orthodoxy with which they have been imbued.   That the three principal panelists for CNBC were so smug, and thought they were so cleverly mocking, is  a sad commentary on our elite media.  They are not remotely elite.  They are pathetic.  So certain of their intellectual superiority, they ran headfirst into self-immolation.  Anyone who watched the CNBC debate had to be embarrassed for them, for their unabashed pomposity.

But there is always the Left who will most likely cheer and celebrate what they will somehow perceive as a victorious evening.  These are the same people who think Obama has been a great President who saved the economy rather than starving it, prevented war rather than fomenting it around the world,  that he has promoted equality rather than exacerbated it, ended racism rather than promoted it, and expanded health care rather than destroyed it.  These are the folks who think gun-free zones prevent crime, that global warming is a more pressing problem than ISIS, that there is a "war on women" in America but are not bothered by the sexual slavery in all its savagery in the  Middle East.  These are the folks who watch MSNBC and think Chris Matthews is sane.  They do not realize that he and his MSNBC colleagues have been driven insane with hatred for anyone and anything to the right of Lenin, Stalin, Che or Chavez. 

This administration has been tragic for America.  For example, Obama and Hillary Clinton used and abused Chris Stevens in their wholly self-serving political gambit to the overthrow of Ghaddafi in Libya as a win.  They did not care one bit about Stevens as a person or for the men who died trying to save him.  These are cold and calculating people.  They do not make a decision or a move that does not benefit themselves in some way.  They are all about preserving their power and increasing their wealth.  And they are very good at those things.  The " we left the White House broke" Clintons are the greediest pols ever to reach the heights of political power.  They are as corrupt as the Mafia and operate in similar fashion.  They use what they have against others. 

The candidates on the CNBC stage tonight were all good and talented people.  Any one of them would be infinitely more competent to lead this nation than Obama or Hillary. The ill-educated, mind-numbed CNBC moderators set out to submarine them with malice aforethought. Their scheme failed.  It united the viable candidates.   They certainly had/have more class and grace.  Even Trump seems hospitable by comparison to Harwood, Quinantilla, and Quick. 

How do we save the nation?  Elect Rubio, Cruz, Fiorina or Carson or any combination of the above.  As Huckabee said, even Trump would be better than Hillary.  We are at a crossroads.  The Democrats have done terrible damage to this country over the last seven years with help from the submissive and servile Republicans.  It has to stop.  Let tonight's debate be the undoing at least  of NBC and its political scheming on behalf of the party that is ruining the United States as founded.

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