Clinton's testimony: lies and alibis

The congressional Benghazi hearings were inconsequential because they merely affirmed the open secret that Mrs. Clinton is a liar – the word that Americans most closely associate with her.  She was technically “in charge” as secretary of state, but somehow she has contracted Obama's “out of the loop” obliviousness regarding Benghazi's security problems.  With the ease of 21st-century instant worldwide communication, how is it possible that she didn't know?  It stretches credulity that this issue never rose to a level that claimed her attention.

Mrs. Clinton narcissistically claimed, “I’ve lost more sleep than all of you [the Congressional committee] put together.”  In the final analysis, would a “caring” person standing beside the flag-draped coffins of the newly dead disseminate the fiction to devastated next of kin that an “internet video” was responsible for the tragedy?  Didn't those families deserve the same truth that she told her own daughter, Chelsea – who lost no one?

All too often in hot water for their incompetence and/or malfeasance, Democrats always default to the whack-a-mole political blame game.  During her testimony, Mrs. Clinton blamed alternatively faceless “security experts” and State Department underlings, and she even had the colossal temerity to impugn the dead American ambassador, her “good friend,” J. Christopher Stevens, for his fate.  The subtext under her evasive words: Well, it's a dangerous area; he's a professional; Stevens knew the risks.  She accepted no responsibility, acknowledged no mistakes, offered no apologizes.  The fault is always pawned off onto the conveniently dead (who cannot contradict the lie) or morally bankrupt stooges like Susan Rice who are available to promote any false narrative for political expediency.  Remember, Obama's re-election was only 8 weeks away at the time.

When Machiavelli wrote The Prince, he asserted that all rulers had to be two-faced, appear virtuous on the surface for political purposes while doing whatever was necessary privately to get things done.  This is because the external world was inherently corrupt.  It would be inconceivable to him that any leader could be rotten to the core – lie repeatedly without negative consequence – and get elected anyway. Welcome to Hillary Clinton for president 2016.

David L. Hunter is on Twitter and blogs at  He has previously been published in the Washington Post, the Washington Times, FrontPage Mag, and extensively in Canada Free Press and American Thinker.