Bernie promises that only the top 1% will suffer under socialism...mostly

Bernie Sanders has said he will pay for all his new programs mostly by confiscating the income of the top 1% .  Mostly. Sanders has detailed how we would pay for some of his initiatives. A $70 billion a year plan to make tuition free at public college and universities, for example, would be funded by a tax on Wall Street speculation, he says. But in other cases, Sanders’s vision remains a work in progress. For instance, he has said the wealthy would start paying their “fair share” of income taxes during his presidency but has not spelled out exactly what that means. Sanders’s agenda also includes moving to a single-payer health-care system, guaranteeing workers paid family and medical leave and providing universal child care and pre-kindergarten education. “So you’re saying we can pay for all of this without raising taxes on anybody but the 1 percent?” Maher asked during the show. “We may have to go down a...(Read Full Post)