US-Cuba ready to protect marine life...human rights not ready yet!

The U.S.-Cuba relationship finally has something to boast about, according to news reports:

The Cuban and American governments have agreed to work hand in hand to protect marine life in the seas that join their countries, a move that represents the first environmental dividend of a thaw between the two Cold War foes.

Under an agreement announced Monday at an oceans conference in Valparaíso, Chile, government agencies from Cuba and the United States are to map marine life in protected areas in the Florida Straits and Gulf of Mexico and compile an inventory of shared species.

Yes, the U.S. will work with Cuba to protect marine life.  What about human rights?  I guess we will have to wait a bit longer for the U.S. and Cuba to sit down and to do something about freedom of the press, the right of assembly, and some of the other rights that we've grown to value.

On another front, the Obama administration is still under pressure to settle the investors' disputes against Cuba.  They go back to 1961 and were the reason for the U.S. embargo.  In the last weeks, the Cuban government made a counterclaim that the U.S. should pay damages for the embargo.  In the past, from Kennedy to Bush 43, the U.S. would generally hang up the phone and not listen to such comments.  What will the Obama administration do?  I am not so comfortable that they will hang up the phone like his predecessors did!

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