Yale's latest embrace of sharia law

Yale is creating an Islamic Law Center.  It will be called The Abdullah S. Kamel Center for the Study of Islamic Law and Civilization.  The geniuses who came up with that name surely went out of their way to make it sound grand. As you might imagine, creating such an enterprise takes a lot of money.  And as you might imagine, funding has come from our friends the Saudis.  And as you might also imagine, there are a lot of terror links involved. Not that Yale cares.  They are, after all, an Ivy League school.  The intelligentsia always know what’s best, right? Breitbart reports on this travesty: Saleh Abdullah Kamel, a Saudi banker who is now worth billions of dollars thanks to his success with Sharia-compliant financing, has donated $10 million to Yale University as part of a successful effort to build an Islamic Law Center at the Ivy League school. “Mr. Kamel’s extraordinary generosity will open up exciting new...(Read Full Post)