Yale's latest embrace of sharia law

Yale is creating an Islamic Law Center.  It will be called The Abdullah S. Kamel Center for the Study of Islamic Law and Civilization.  The geniuses who came up with that name surely went out of their way to make it sound grand.

As you might imagine, creating such an enterprise takes a lot of money.  And as you might imagine, funding has come from our friends the Saudis.  And as you might also imagine, there are a lot of terror links involved.

Not that Yale cares.  They are, after all, an Ivy League school.  The intelligentsia always know what’s best, right?

Breitbart reports on this travesty:

Saleh Abdullah Kamel, a Saudi banker who is now worth billions of dollars thanks to his success with Sharia-compliant financing, has donated $10 million to Yale University as part of a successful effort to build an Islamic Law Center at the Ivy League school.

“Mr. Kamel’s extraordinary generosity will open up exciting new opportunities for Yale Law School and for the entire university, said Yale President Peter Salovey. “The Abdullah S. Kamel Center for the Study of Islamic Law and Civilization will enhance research opportunities for our students and other scholars and enable us to disseminate knowledge and insights for the benefit of scholars and leaders all over the world.”

Professor Anthony Kronman, a new co-director of the Islamic Law Center, said of the school’s new addition:

“The contemporary challenges of Islamic law are broadly relevant to political events throughout the entire Islamic world and those are developments that are watched by a much larger audience of people who in many cases have not much knowledge at all of the history and traditions of Islamic law.”

“It’s the responsibility of universities to teach and instruct and that obligation applies with particular force where an issue or a subject tends to be viewed in an incomplete or inadequate or even caricatured way. There the responsibility to teach and enlighten is even stronger,” he added.

OK.  Hold it.  I would like to invite AT readers to provide translation of Kronman’s hyper-intellectual comments, intended to sound lofty, but which are nothing but hot air.

The article continues:

Noticeably left out of the press release is the fact that Mr. Kamel’s Dallah Al Baraka Group, for which he is the Chief Executive, has been investigated by U.S. officials for bankrolling al-Qaeda’s operations worldwide.

Moreover, the bank was founded by former al-Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden along with a group of Sudanese jihadists, the State Department has alleged, according to the Wall Street Journal.

And in the 1998 New York City trials of al-Qaeda members, witnesses testified that Mr. Kamel’s bank had previously transferred hundreds-of-thousands of dollars to al-Qaeda to help them buy an airplane, the report stated.

Additionally, Kamel’s father’s name appears on the “Golden Chain,” a list of alleged al-Qaeda funders that was confiscated by Bosnian authorities after raiding an al-Qaeda front group in 2002.

As I said earlier: links to terror.  In this case, al-Qaeda.

I suppose since the United States government has gone so far off the deep end as to give Iran 150 billion dollars and clear the path for a nuclear bomb, this is of minor concern.  Still...

The new Yale Islamic Center becomes the latest of many Saudi-funded influence operations on American university campuses throughout the continental United States. Some more notable Saudi-funded campus outfits include the $20 million Prince Alwaleed Islamic Studies Program at Harvard University and the $20 million Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding at Georgetown University. More Saudi-backed Professorships and Islamic Centers have made their way to Columbia University, Rice University, the University of Arkansas, University of California in Los Angeles, the University of California/Berkeley, and countless other institutions.

Some attack with physical threats and/or actual physical assault.  Others, like Saudi Arabia, work around the clock, infiltrating our institutions and pressing forward with the advancement and normalization of sharia law in America.

It will be our undoing.

Hat tip: Counterjihad Report