Word games used to inflate 'sexual violence' statistics

The American Left is following Saul Alinsky’s dictum to “rub raw the wounds” in order to incite hatred, and then accomplish its ends. In order to incite hate and fear on campus, trickery has been employed to generate false statistics on “sexual violence” (see also, Rick Moran’s insightful commentary today on efforts at Vanderbilt University to demonize males). Asche Schow, writing in The Examiner exposes a despicable distortion intended to deceive women on their chances of being raped or sexually violated, citing an analysis in Reason Magazine.

One of the best tactics so-called researchers have used to conclude that fully one-fifth of college women will be sexually assaulted is to vastly expand the definition of what it is.

A new study, conducted at Rutgers University, relies heavily on this tactic to stoke fear and encourage witch hunts of college men across the country.

Reason's Elizabeth Nolan Brown dissects the study, noting the definition of "sexual assault" and "sexual violence" included everything from "remarks about physical appearance" and "persistent sexual advances that are undesired by the recipient" to "threats of force to get someone to engage in sexual behavior, as well as unwanted touching and unwanted oral, anal, or vaginal penetration or attempted penetration."

There's an ocean of difference between someone saying you look good today and someone physically pinning you down against your will. To include both under the category of "sexual assault" is just ludicrous, and certainly not a serious way of studying the issue.

Consider for a moment the way the Left is dividing America racially, with the #blacklivesmatter movement creating the impression that cops executing young black males is the greatest threat to a group with terrible mortality statistics. This is intended to racially polarize Americans and sow disorder, period.  Or coknsider the way the Left focused on the concept of “One Percenters,” positing that a small elite exploits the 99%, while the fact is that top earners are a very diverse group, including entertainers, inventors, and entrepreneurs who create jobs, as well as financial manipulators (who generally buy off the Democratic Party and, in the personages of George Soros, Herb and Marion Sandler, and Peter Lewis, fund much of the hard Left, including #blacklivesmatter.

Deception and the encouraging of anger and divisiveness to benefit a political faction are the principal tactics of the Left.  They speak for themselves in telling Americans who truly has their interests at heart, and who is exploiting their fears for personal gain.

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