Why is the Kentucky clerk in jail?

The Kentucky clerk, Kim Davis, is now in jail for refusing to follow the law.

Normally conservatives would agree that if someone doesn’t follow the law they should be incarcerated.

But we’re not living in normal times.

Jerry Brown refused to defend Prop 8 in California thereby refusing to follow his oath to uphold the laws of California, but he’s not in jail.

Obama and Holder both swore to uphold the laws of this great nation but both refused to follow the DOMA law yet neither are in jail.

There are many mayors of sanctuary cities that openly declare their refusal to follow immigration laws yet none of them are in jail.

The DNC has knowingly hired an illegal alien, thereby breaking the law, yet no charges have yet been filed.

A key tenet of the law is that it applies to everyone.

In spite of that, Kim Davis is in jail even though the people of Kentucky voted to prohibit gay marriage while Jerry Brown isn’t. Why?

Why does a ruling by 5 rich lawyers on the Supreme Court that everyone knows has no basis in the Constitution mean that Americans has to bow down and obey when our leaders rulers, including our president, can pick and choose what laws they follow?

Chief Justice Roberts, who has contorted the Constitution twice in order to keep ObamaCare alive -- and hence is no strict constructionist -- said the following about the Court’s gay marriage ruling:

The majority’s decision is an act of will, not legal judgment. The right it announces has no basis in the Constitution or this Court’s precedent.

Trump, Carson, and Fiorina will probably pick up a number of supporters because Kim Davis has gone to jail not because of their stand on gay marriage but because people are reacting to our countries transition from a republic to a monarchy.

In a monarchy the elites, unconstrained by the law, issue mandates that the peasants have to obey.

In a republic, power flows from the people and the actions of politicians are constrained by the original intent of the Constitution.

In an America where unelected judges overthrow the votes of 55,000,000 Americans by creating rights no where mentioned in the Constitution, where elected officials decide which laws they will enforce, and where the citizens of this country are told to shut up and follow the edicts from on high no one in their right mind who is not part of the political establishment or its entourage will support a DC insider for president.

The outsider phenomena, at least on the right, in the 2016 presidential race is due Americans desire to not live in a monarchy and be ruled by politicians.  That’s why the fact that Trump is not a true conservative or that Carson and Fiorina don’t have political experience doesn’t matter to the voters.

Americans know that if we lose our freedom, if we become the ruled rather than the free conservative/liberal distinctions won’t matter since we will all be forced into whatever cookie cutter mold our new masters want.

If we fail to stand up for our rights now we will no longer have any rights other than what the elites will deign to grant us.

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