When Marco Rubio starts crying, that's a bad sign

Marco Rubio is tough on immigration.  I mean, sure, he sponsored the "Gang of 8" bill that authorized amnesty for illegal aliens, and he still supports amnesty for so-called "Dreamers" and at least a "portion" of Obama's executive amnesty for illegals, but he himself would not issue further amnesty, at least until the border is secure.  He also supports keeping birthright citizenship in place, which creates anchor babies, and is willing to consider admitting more refugees from Syria.

But when the pope started talking about admitting more waves of immigration, Marco started crying.  It's clear where his sympathies lie:

In 2015, Rubio introduced a bill that would essentially lift the university green card caps and triple the number of guest workers admitted on H-1B visas to replace American workers at lower costs.

And just this month, Rubio announced his support for importing even more Muslim refugees into the country, whom experts say we will not be able to be vetted.

Marco Rubio gets up on stage and gives canned speeches.  "The Chinese are building artificial islands in the China Sea!"  "The Russians will fly combat missions to prop up Assad."  "ISIS came over the border from Syria into Iraq."  All very impressive.  He can use the words "Chinese," "Russians," "Assad," "Syria," and "Iraq" correctly in sentences, and repeat what sounds like what his foreign policy advisors told him.

But on the biggest national security issue of all, the security of our national border, Marco is curiously AWOL.  How can he claim to be this great national security expert when he doesn't even have a plan to stop the flow of illegals?  As long as women can come into this country and give birth to citizens, as long as illegals can immediately get welfare, as long as deportation is taken off the table, there is no serious plan to deal with illegals.

This article was written by Ed Straker, senior writer of NewsMachete.com, the conservative news site.

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