We need a Hall of Shame for Senate Iran deal enablers

Why is it that it is easier to find a list of those very few Democratic senators who refused to follow Obama into his love-fest with Iran than it is to find a list of those who sold our future into the hands of hate-mongering Iranian clerics?

The left knows how to stigmatize its enemies.  Those on the right, on the other hand, are often too nice to want to even identify those senators who scuttled our interests in their zeal for Obama’s Iranian dream trophy.  That needs to change.

There will come a time when the disaster inherent in our Senate’s myopic submission to Iranian scheming will become all too apparent.  At that time, I want the list of senators who invited disaster upon us all to be readily available.  In fact, we should start collecting funds for a new Washington monument – a sort of Hall of Shame that remembers this Iranian version of the Alamo, a means of reminding our children and future generations which senators were responsible for their economic, social, and security miseries.

In the meantime, I offer the following image along with a challenge to all freedom-loving Americans to raise the ante and create a better one – one that we can eventually cast in bronze and set up as a real memorial.  As an inspiration, perhaps we could all study the meaning of the term “depraved indifference,” as expounded here.

Send your suggestions to Larry@unduped.org.  If we get some good ones, then I will try to get an actual monument funded.