UK Labor party leader Corbyn fails to mention Israel's name at 'Labor for Israel' dinner

Newly minted Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn attended a "Labor for Israel" dinner in London last night.  The pal of terrorists gave a pro forma ten-minute speech while never mentioning the name of the country that was being honored. One brave soul shouted at Corbyn when he was walking off the stage.  "Say the word 'Israel'!" the man yelled.  Jerusalem Post: After concluding a ten-minute speech given at a pro-Israel reception in London Tuesday night, new UK Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn was heckled by an audience member after he failed to mention Israel by name in his comments. "Say the word Israel" a man yelled inside the packed auditorium where the Labor Friends of Israel event was being held before being ushered out by security guards, British daily The Telegraph reported.  The man, whose identity remains unknown, was not allowed back inside.  The Labor leader looked in shock after the...(Read Full Post)