Trump's tax plan would make socialism more popular

Donald Trump announced his tax plan, which would raise taxes on some people and lower them on others.  But the one group that deserves the closest scrutiny are those who would be taken off the income tax rolls entirely.  Trump promises to remove 75 million households – more than 50% – from the tax rolls.  That would be those individuals making $25,000 or under and families making $50,000 or under.

This would be a terrible thing to do.  It's not because the government vitally needs the income of two people making $50,000, but it is vitally important that those making $50,000 or under pay some income tax.

Just think: if a majority of taxpayers pay no income tax, what happens the next time a politician runs for office promising to raise taxes "on the rich"?  (Meaning the other 50%, of course.)  Those no longer paying income taxes won't care, because they won't be affected, and they will be all too happy to vote for candidates who raise taxes.  It can even work for candidates who don't explicitly say they will raise taxes, but who will take actions that will require it.  Candidates promising a lot of "free goodies," as Jeb Bush might say, might get the vote of people who don't pay income taxes, as they figure they will never have to pay for these things.

That's why all taxpayers, except the poorest of the poor (and a couple making $50,000,while not wealthy, are not the poorest of the poor), need to feel the sting of income taxes.  If they don't, they will vote for socialism and the financial enslavement of the rest of their countrymen.  Even couples making $30,000 or $40,000 should have to pay some income taxes, even if it be only $500 or $1,000.  It won't be nearly as much as "the rich" pay, but it will still be something to help them understand that government spending is not free.

Now, of course, even under Trump's plan, people would still pay Medicare and Social Security taxes.  But that's not the same as income taxes.  We need nearly everyone involved, or else we will move even farther down the road to socialism.  We already have a lot of households paying no income tax, but Trump would just increase that number even farther.  That's the wrong way to go.

If you knew you were exempt from income taxes, wouldn't you vote for a politician who would promise you all sorts of goodies, knowing you'd never have to pay for them?  It's human nature.  And human nature is understood in conservatism and free markets...but not by Donald Trump.

This article was written by Ed Straker, senior writer of, the conservative news site.

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