Trump is right; we can get rid of illegals in 2 years

Donald Trump was asked how long it will take to get rid of our illegal aliens. He was asked if it could be done in five to ten years. That's the answer most politicians give to any question, such as balancing the budget--it's a long enough time frame so they will be out of office before they are held responsible for not delivering on their promises.

But to his credit, Trump said deporting illegals was doable not in five to ten years but 18 months to two years. He is the first candidate to call for deportation of illegals and to set a short, definable timeline. Of the other candidates, Ted Cruz has been silent on deportation, while Jeb and Ben Carson have called for amnesty for illegal aliens. (And Scott Walker has had all of the aforementioned positions.)

But how can you get rid of 11 million illegal aliens, or even more, in 2 years?

Quite easily. First of all, we know exactly where they are. They are not "hiding in the shadows". Their kids are very conspicuous, because they are the ones in our schools who don't speak a word of English. They can be tracked from there alone. The Supreme Court has said that illegals are entitled to an education, but the constitutionality of that decision is questionable, and the Congress can act to limit the jurisdiction of the Court.

Second, once some illegals are deported many others will leave.

Third, once e-verify becomes mandatory, and illegals are cut off from welfare, most will leave of their own accord.

What it requires is a President who will say no to the Courts, who created many of these rights for illegals. As I've said, the Congress can limit the authority of the Courts in this regard. But even if Congress doesn't act, a President can declare that the Supreme Court has no authority in this area. Most Presidents would not do this, but a President Trump might. As Mark Levin says, Where in the Constitution does it say the Supreme Court has the final word on everything? The answer, nowhere. If we had an assertive President, it could get done.

I am impressed that Trump is the first and only candidate to set a timeline for getting rid of illegals. I have no idea what he would actually do as President, but I love the way he is pushing the debate in this direction. The liberal media/establishment Republican thought has been "It's impossible to get rid of so many people!" but by making it a quick, short-term goal, Trump is once again making the unthinkable, thinkable.

This article was written by Ed Straker, senior writer of, the conservative news site.

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