The wrong signals about illegal immigration

God only knows what will happen in the GOP debate.  Nevertheless, we are in year 7 of Obama, and illegal immigration has hit the fan, as we see in this new poll:

A recent survey shows a majority of Americans think illegal immigration is a “very serious” problem and would support measures to deport illegal immigrants currently living within the country -- such as creating a hotline to report “activity connected to illegal immigration.”

The survey also found that:

Half of Americans would report an employer they suspected of hiring illegal immigrants to the government,

Nearly half of Americans would support the government “actively searching for illegal immigrants who have not committed any other crimes to deport them from the United States,” and 39% of respondents would report their neighbors for being illegal immigrants.

YouGov asked 1,000 American adults between Sept. 1-2 for their opinions on various issues related to illegal immigration.

Asked, “How serious a problem is ILLEGAL immigration in the US?” 51% of respondents replied it is “very serious,” while 26% responded illegal immigration is “somewhat serious,” and 15% described illegal immigration as a “minor problem.”

Polls are polls, and we can't believe all of them.  However, this one shows that there is a a sizable majority that believes that illegal immigration is very or somewhat serious.   

How did we get here?  How did the public get so turned off by illegal immigration?   

First, President Obama sees illegal immigration as a way of building up his base.    

In the past, from President Eisenhower's brasero program to President Reagan's amnesty to President  Bush's work visas, illegal immigration was viewed as a violation of law.  Again, President Obama uses illegal immigration to divide voters.

Second, the hypocrisy of the Obama administration is striking.  Obama and Holder sent the legal Marines down to Arizona because immigration was a federal issue.  On the other hand, they have done nothing about cities violating federal law or states issuing driver's licenses to people in the country illegally.

Third, the Obama administration is looking the other way, as Hector Garza, president of the Laredo, Texas chapter of the National Border Patrol Council, points out:

Every single illegal alien that comes into the country goes through the hands of a drug cartel.

Yes, the cartels are using immigrants to carry stuff.  

How did we get here?   

We have a president who refuses to enforce immigration law and writes executive orders to get what majorities of his own party would not pass.    

We have an administration that embraces the city council of San Francisco but goes to war with the state of Arizona.    

We have a president who tell us that the border is secure when facts don't add up.

Donald Trump is not my choice for president, but he has hit a nerve.  I just  hope that both sides take note.  Again, 77% in this poll say that illegal immigration is very or somewhat serious.  You can't get to 77% without Democrats!    

Finally, people are fed up with being called "racist" because they want their immigration laws enforced.  Add me to that list!

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