The Schizophrenic Left and Women

I'm confused again.  It seems to happen frequently to me when I try to figure out liberal politics.  Women want total equality with men but they also want special treatment for women's issues.  Which is it?  It seems to me that you can't be totally equal if you are demanding to only be equal on certain issues or when it is convenient.  For the purposes of this article and because I learned at an early age that there are only two sexes, only men and women will be addressed. 

Let's talk about women's health issues first.  Don't men have health issues as well?  Physically and genetically women and men are different.   They have different musculature and different sex organs.  Planned Parenthood addresses only women's health issues.  What about issues that pertain to both sexes and male only health issues?  While women have a vagina, a uterus and ovaries, both sexes have breasts.  Granted, male breasts don't have mammary glands which makes them incapable of breast feeding, but they as well as women get breast cancer.  Men, on the other hand have a penis, testes and a prostate.  Testicular and prostatic cancer affect men of all ages and both should be screened for in males.   

So why then do we have special health facilities for women only?  From what I have read about Planned Parenthood all of the issues they address, including abortion, could be handled in a clinic, a doctor's office or a hospital -- and Obamacare or other insurance should be paying for all the care.  Many clinics and hospitals offer these services for free.  And the old canard about these women's health facilities being located in neighborhoods without healthcare is also hogwash.  I doubt if all the women going to these facilities are walking to them.  So, they could also take a car, bus, or whatever means of transportation gets them to these facilities to go to a clinic or hospital.

Birth control is also seen by the left as a women's only issue.  Impregnation is a two person endeavor.  Unless in-vitro fertilization is used, both a male and a female are required.   So why is birth control a woman's issue?  It isn't.  It is an issue between two consulting people of opposite sexes.  And, if a woman wants to be sexually indiscriminate and chooses that her partner wear a condom, instead of opting for other birth control methods, she also has the ability to say 'no' to a man who refuses to use one.  Men also have the ability to take control of the birth control issue, insisting on wearing a condom to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.  Men, on this issue, seem to be more trusting than women.  If a woman says she is using a birth control method, most men won't get the woman to prove the fact.  How many men have found themselves parents because they trusted the person they were having sex with?  Obamacare, as everybody knows, also covers birth control -- but only birth control for women.  I've never heard about any insurance paying for condoms.

Women also want to be equal in the military.  Two women recently joined the ranks of the Rangers.  Good for them.  Now, for true equality, let all women between the ages of 18 and 25 register for military service in the event of a draft.  If a male fails to register there are severe penalties as listed on the Selective Service Registration website (

Failure to register is a Federal violation and conviction may result in imprisonment for up to five    years and/or a fine of not more than $250,000.

You can be expected to be denied a driver's license in 40 states/territories.

You may be disqualified for federal benefits for life.  These benefits include:  Disqualification for student financial aid, disqualification for federal job training, disqualification for federal jobs  and for male immigrants who arrived in the United States prior to their 26th birthday, disqualification for citizenship.

So, which is it?  Do women want to be equal or more than equal?  I believe a woman doing the same job as a man, performing at the same standards should be paid the same.  I also believe that if a woman is qualified for something her sex should not be a barrier.  But, I don't believe the barriers should be lowered to make exceptions for women or that women should say they want equality and then demand exceptions.

Hillary Clinton is basing most of her campaign on this issue hoping to capture the women's vote.  I'm hoping that women are more intelligent than she thinks we are.

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