The email scandal is also about Obama

Like many of you, I don't know whether Mrs Clinton and her staff broke or didn't break the law. Let me leave that to our legal contributors. I find all of the "ifs and buts" rather confusing.

As a citizen, I do know that our national security was put at risk and that happened on President Obama's watch. He was the responsible party. He was in charge and something very damaging has happened.

We learned that some hacker wants to turn Clinton's emails for top dollar. Maybe it's a hoax, but it could also be rather serious.

We learned that an aide is taking the 5th.   

Maybe it's all fake smoke or today's tech version of yesterday's right-wing conspiracy.   

As a citizen, I say again, someone in this White House let me down. Someone in the Obama administration did not do their job and protect our national security.

First, was President Obama told of the breach? Why not? It's fair to assume that people in the White House saw Hillary Clinton's return address and figured out that she was not using the secured channels.

Why didn't they tell President Obama?   

Second, why didn't President Obama call in Secretary Clinton and demand answers and an end to the private server?

Let me say this: both speak volumes about President Obama.   

The first one tells us about his incompetent staff, in this case keeping their boss in the dark about a breach of national security. Talk about being poorly served by your aides!

The second is about President Obama and his lack of seriousness about national security. Did he seriously think that he could sit back and let the nation's diplomat conduct her business on a private server?  

Remember when the media went crazy over the Valerie Plame-Joe Wilson story. There was all kinds of outcry about national security and protecting our sources.

Memo to the media: The Obama-Clinton email scandal makes Plame-Wilson look like a Disney movie.

Get out of the tank and start investigating the Obama connection to this email scandal. It could be the biggest breach of national security in U.S. history.

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