Teenage girls stage walk-out to avoid sharing locker room with poorly disguised boy

This is a boy wearing what looks like a Monty Python wig.

This boy, who presumably has a penis, wants to use the girls' locker room at his high school.  The girls, understandably, aren't too happy about having a boy watch them take off their clothes, even a boy who is poorly disguised as a girl.

About 150 Missouri high school students walked out on Monday over disagreements about which locker room a transgender student should be allowed to use.

Senior Lila Perry, who was born male but has identified as female since she was 13, asked school officials at Hillsboro High School in Hillsboro, Missouri, to use the girls' locker during gym class, but her request was met with fierce backlash from other students uncomfortable with the idea.

The school had offered to let Perry use a separate gender-neutral bathroom, which she declined.

"I am [a] girl. I shouldn't be pushed off to another bathroom," she told KMOV.

You see?  This boy is not merely looking for a bathroom he can supposedly feel comfortable in; he wants to shove his new "gender" in the girl's faces.  This is all about activism and forcing other people to accept the transvestite agenda, and in this case, the other people are young girls, who should be protected from this kind of ridiculousness.

Others disagree, saying it would mean that the other girls would just have to "suck it up."

I wonder how President Obama, who recently hired a man disguised as a woman as a hiring manager in the White House, would feel about a disguised boy sharing a locker room with Sasha and Malia at school.  I suspect he wouldn't be very happy about that, even as he supports imposing it on others.

No Republican candidate is speaking out about this.  Can you imagine if we had a bold nominee who confronted Hillary Clinton in the debates about her support for this kind of perversity?  We need a candidate with the boldness to take the fight to Democrats on all the issues, not just immigration.

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