Syrian Refugees: Whose lives matter?

Our leaders have decided that our lives matter precious little. On the heels of the Iranian nuclear giveaway program, our elected officials are now poised to import at least 10,000 (and likely many more) “Syrian refugees,” some of whom may be terrorists, some of who may become terrorists, and others of whom will push for Sharia accommodations.

In light of all of this (and much more), one must ask whose lives matter to these elected officials. Based on their words and deeds, it certainly seems as if our lives matter less and less, while value is placed on the lives of those who break our laws, reject our values, and plot to kill us. 

Addressing the risk of taking in more Muslim “refugees,” Daniel Greenfield writes in Front Page Magazine: “Accepting terrorists as refugees leads to terrorist attacks on America.”

This fact alone should be the driving force behind American policy toward Muslim “refugees.” But it seems to have no bearing whatsoever. Facts seem like an inconvenient nuisance to the lunatics in power who may have forgotten that the World Trade Center bombing and the Boston Marathon bombing were carried out by Muslim refugees.

Sadly, there have been more cases of jihadist refugees. Many more.

Greenfield observes that “devout Muslims who claim asylum because of religious persecution in a Muslim country should be considered highly suspect. It most likely means that their Islamic practices are more violent than usual.”

Would that our elected officials would heed that salient point.

Here are a few (edited) examples taken from Greenfield’s article:


·      Mir Qazi, a Pakistani refugee, used a fake passport, applied for political asylum, got amnesty, murdered two CIA employees, and fled to Pakistan. 

·      Hesham Mohamed Hadayet, an Egyptian refugee, opened fire at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), killing two people.

·      Nuradin Abdi, a Somali refugee, planned to bomb a shopping mall in Ohio after traveling to Africa for terrorist training.

·      Mohamed Osman Mohamud, also a Somali refugee, plotted to bomb a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Oregon.

·      For information on other Somali refugees who left the United States to become terrorists, see here.


Greenfield also provides examples of cases that originated in Canada, highlighting how Canada’s policy toward refugees directly impacts our national security. So for those who scoff at the need to attend to border security to the north, think again.


·      Ahmed Ressam, one of the Milleniual bombers who applied for political asylum in Canada and was caught entering the United States.

·      Gazi Ibrahim Abu Mez applied for political asylum in Canada and after repeated attempts to cross the border into the United States, was caught plotting to bomb NYC subways and was arrested.

·      Abderraouf Jdey, who was suspected of plotting terrorist attacks against Americans, also applied for political asylum in Canada.

Is there any other immigrant group that has such heinous traits among its members? The answer is “no.” And we know the reason why. As Greenfield notes: “we have a serious Muslim refugee terrorist problem. Some of the deadliest and most ambitious terror plots in America came from Muslim refugees.”

So in the fact of all of this, what have we done? As usual, the exact opposite of what is required, such as last year when President Obama loosened restrictions on refugees who provide material support to terrorist groups by qualifying the degree of support. The result was that refugees who provided “limited material support” would be exempt and therefore able to enter the country.” Obama created a kind of terrorist lite category.

The real world result is that, for example, “Syrian” Muslims now coming to the United States will be well positioned to get a free pass on any terrorist connections they have.

Meanwhile, it has been established that members of ISIS are posing as refugees to gain access to Western nations. And they’re having success.

The fact that this is all so deadly serious is bad enough. That our political leaders are enabling it is sickening and shocking beyond words. They are willing to put our lives in danger in order to chase some misguided notion of what is right -- an equation we hardly factor into anymore. As Greenfield writes at the end of his article: “Obama clearly doesn’t care if more Americans are murdered and mutilated by Muslim refugees. Their lives matter more than our lives….The question is not will these Obama migrants kill Americans. The question is how many will they kill.”

Yes. How many?

And when?

And where?

And who?

Because it seems nowhere is safe in America anymore. And it’s about to get worse. Much worse.

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