State Department stonewalling key documents that could trash Hillary's email defense and send her to jail

Hillary Clinton could be in big trouble if she signed two key documents relating to classified information and U.S. government ownership of official communications.  If she did sign them, her public line of defense will lie in tatters, and she could be criminally prosecuted.  If she didn’t sign them, then her access to classified information was illegal.

Unsurprisingly, the State Department that has shamelessly been covering for her is stonewalling the Senate Judiciary Committee that has requested them and (of course) media requests for information.  Chuck Ross at the Daily Caller has the story.  The two documents are:

The “Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement” — Special Form 312 — [which] requires incoming government officials to acknowledge that classified information can be either “marked” or “unmarked” as such. (snip)

“As used in this Agreement, classified information is marked or unmarked classified information, including oral communications, that is classified under the standards of Executive Order 13526,” SF-312 reads.

Oops!  Hillary’s public defense has been built on the phony distinction between “marked” and “unmarked” classified information.  If she signed the SF 312, she obviously has been peddling a phony line.  And if she hasn’t signed it, she was not entitled to access to classified information (which makes her unable to have functioned as secretary of state).

The other form being stonewalled is:

… Optional Form 109 which requires officials to attest that they turned over all official records — classified or unclassified — in their possession when leaving the State Department. (RELATED: State Department Says There Is ‘No Record’ Of Hillary Clinton Signing Separation Statement)

Clinton left the agency without turning over her work-related emails. She did not give them to the agency until Dec. 2014, nearly two years after leaving office.

State Department employees called out the agency in March, telling TheDC then that severe repercussions would be in store for rank-and-file staffers who refused or declined to sign the OF-109. In some cases, pensions could be held withheld for employees who did not sign the document, one agency employee said. (RELATED: Whistle-Blower: State Department Employees Who Don’t Sign Separation Agreement Face Dire Consequences)

There is only so long the stonewall can be maintained.  The Senate Judiciary Committee can issue a subpoena, and when Hillary testifies under oath, she can be asked whether or not she signed them.

Tick, tick, tick…