Scott Walker can't comment on Syria crisis because 'he isn't president yet'

I am thinking of adding a feature to my website where I will have a "joke of the day" and all I will do is post a quote from Scott Walker. It's just too easy. On several issues, he has attempted to not take a side — including when asked this week what he would do to directly address the crisis facing Europe as hundreds of thousands of refugees from Syria and other war-torn countries search for a safe place to live. Walker said the United States must fight the Islamic State, which he says is at the root of the crisis, but he wouldn’t take a stance beyond that. “I’m not president today, and I can’t be president today,” Walker said in Rochester on Monday. “Everybody wants to talk about hypotheticals; there is no such thing as a hypothetical.” Hypothetical? There is a real movement of hundreds of thousands of these refugees. There is nothing hypothetical about that. Is it really so difficult to talk about the...(Read Full Post)