San Francisco offers behind the bars romance with co-ed jails

If you're arrested in San Francisco, you may think your dating life is over, especially if you're a woman who isn't a lesbian.  But now women in jail have some new and exciting options to fraternize with men in unsupervised close quarters!

By  the end of the year, San Francisco's county jails will be among the first in the nation to house transgender inmates by their gender preference, Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi said Thursday.

That's right!  So when you go to the women's bathroom in SF jails and see a group of women taking showers, you'll see women with vaginas, and also women with penises!  What could go wrong with that?

Inmates who seek to have their housing status changed will be subject to a review process, but Mirkarimi said housing decisions will not be solely based on an inmate having gender reassignment surgery or a diagnosis of gender dysphoria.

Huh?  That sounds as though they will put men in women's jails if they are diagnosed as mentally ill.  What's right about that?

Think of the consequences.  Do you think, given the new and exciting mixing of the genders, that Planned Parenthood should open a new popup store, "Planned Parenthood Express," in the prison canteen?

California did become the first state in the nation to agree to pay for a transgender inmate's reassignment surgery, a decision announced last month.

I hope this is some kind of new punishment for pedophiles.  But I am afraid it is not.

Michael Silverman, executive director of the New York-based Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund... said transgender inmates are much more likely than other inmates to be sexually assaulted in prison. 

What about women sexually assaulted by men pretending to be women?  Michael, or Michelle, or whatever his/her name really is, doesn't seem to care at all about that.

I thought we were trying to reduce rape in prison, not increase it.  I wonder what Hillary Clinton, the great champion of "women and girls," would think of this.

This article was written by Ed Straker, senior writer of, the conservative news site.

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