Refugee camps in Germany rife with rape and child abuse

The German government isn't broadcasting it, but the refugee camps that are overflowing with people have become hotbeds of rape and child abuse. 

Human rights groups are reporting that conditions at the camps are so bad that unattended women are considered "fair game" and that children are also being targeted.

Daily Mail:

Campaigners also claimed some men saw unaccompanied women as ‘fair game’, and also blamed conditions in which occupants were unsegregated by gender or nationality.

The warnings came after German Chancellor Angela Merkel earlier this month announced there was ‘no limit’ to the numbers of migrants her country would take.

Germany is expected to receive up to one million migrants this year and has since imposed temporary border controls.

But some cities have been struggling to cope with the influx, reporting intolerable pressures on housing and too few staff to process asylum claims.

And other EU countries have accused Germany of encouraging the crisis – then trying to resettle migrants in other EU countries under a quota system.

Makeshift centres in Germany have seen men, women and children having to sleep next to each other in tents, halls and corridors. Showers and toilets are often not separated by gender, and some do not even have a curtain for privacy.

In the case highlighted yesterday, around 5,000 asylum seekers have been crammed into old US military bases in Giessen, western Germany. A letter addressed to the Minister of Integration and Social Affairs in the state of Hesse, where the centre is based, from four women’s organisations described a ‘culture of rape and violence’.

The letter, written on August 18, stated: ‘It is a fact that women and children are unprotected. This situation is opportune to those men who already regard women as their inferior and treat unaccompanied women as “fair game”. As a consequence, there are reports of numerous rapes, sexual assaults and increasingly of forced prostitution. These are not isolated incidents.’

Women were often too afraid to walk around the camp even during the day, volunteers claimed, while some victims are too terrified to report sexual assaults by the men.

A police spokesman said there were ‘probably’ many unreported sexual abuses. Giessen City Councillor Astrid Eibelshaeuser said: ‘We know there is rape happening.’

Johannes-Wilhelm Roerig, the federal commissioner for child sexual abuse issues, said: ‘I am most concerned that refugee children in camps, gymnasiums, or former barracks are not sufficiently protected from sexual assault.’

Chancellor Angela Merkel's plan to beat the demographic decline in Germany by importing millions of Muslims is turning out to be a nightmare for both Germany and the refugees.  German cities are being strained to the limit to care for the new arrivals, while the rest of Europe is complaining that Germany is encouraging the mass influx of people without taking into consideration the views of others in the EU.

Quietly, the EU has made a major decision about the refugees: only those with legitimate asylum claims will be allowed in.  Economic refugees will be returned to their home countries.  This small concession to reality will be helpful only if the EU nations develop strict criteria to define "economic" refugees.  Otherwise, the "compassion" of many EU nations could end up leading to their downfall.