Obama nominates first openly gay secretary of the Army

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Eric Fanning has been nominated by President Obama to be the next secretary of the Army.

Fanning is well-qualified for the post, having served as undersecretary for the Navy and the Air Force.

Washington Times:

Mr. Fanning has been acting under secretary of the Army to the current secretary, John McHugh, who is preparing to leave the job. He has served as special assistant to Defense Secretary Ash Carter since March 2015, including as his chief of staff for several months.

He has worked in other services at the Pentagon, as under secretary of the Air Force and deputy under secretary of the Navy.

Eric Fanning is the perfect choice to lead the world’s best-trained, most dedicated, and formidable Army,” said Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin. “Considering the tremendous struggles that LGBT Americans have faced within the Department of Defense, Fanning’s nomination is deeply significant.”

The nomination must be confirmed by the Senate.

The position of Army secretary must go to a civilian, and while Fanning has never served in the military, many service secretaries haven't.  He has worked for six years in the labyrinthine Pentagon building, including a stint as the chief of staff of Secretary of Defense Ash Carter.  Suffice it to say, he knows his way around and can probably hold his own.

This is one instance where President Obama's pandering to an interest group doesn't appear to harm the country. 

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