Pope Francis makes clear why Trump is the frontrunner

Pope Francis's address to Congress may have voters on both sides of the aisle seriously considering supporting Donald Trump’s immigration plan.  The pope stated that we must "not be taken aback by the numbers" of illegals he calls "refugees" invading our country.  Rather, we must apply the Golden Rule to the 11-30 million people openly defying our nation's rule of law.

Unfortunately, Francis's "do unto others" dictum does not apply to cash-strapped lower- and middle-income Americans.  He says we must see the “refugees” as “persons … seeing their faces and listening to their stories,” but he exhibits no such concern for families struggling to make ends meet while shelling out a third of their paychecks to essentially promote a leftist, anti-capitalist open-borders agenda.

Last July, after an 8-day trip to South America, the pope was asked by a reporter aboard the papal plane why he does not speak about the "working, taxpaying middle class."  The pontiff blew off the question, saying, "That is a good correction ... that is an error of mine ... I need to do delve further into this."

Needless to say, the pope did not correct the “error” in his speech to Congress.  The Catholic leader made no mention of the trillions taxpaying citizens are forking over to care for law-breakers.

So far, Donald Trump is the only candidate addressing the enormous sums of money working- and middle-class Americans are paying in taxes to make sure illegal immigrants get free medical care, schooling, housing, and food.

It’s not at all surprising that Trump continues to lead in the polls.  In August, he told an interviewer that the “middle class is getting clobbered in this country.”  Same for our veterans.  While America's vets die waiting to see a doctor at a VA facility, illegals are treated at hospital emergency rooms and neighborhood clinics free of charge.  Why didn’t the pope advocate for the brave men and women in our military who are facing hard times?

Like the pope, presidential candidates Carly Fiorina, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, and Jeb Bush ignore the plight of hardworking, legal people of this nation by pandering to illegals.  Just recently Senator Rubio stood by his “Gang of Eight” plan to set the illegals already here on a path to citizenship.

Citizenship for illegals?  What a joke.  For decades they have been treated more like American citizens than American citizens.  President Obama and Pope Francis call them God’s children while vilifying us – the ones paying for all of this.

Sorry, Pope Francis: American taxpayers have done unto others to the tune of trillions.  Now it’s time for the utopian, delusional do-gooders like you and President Obama, flying around the world on jets and stiffing regular people for high-priced security details, to apply the Golden Rule to "we the people."

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