Obama's latest economic stimulus plan

President Barack H. Obama has a surefire plan to stimulate the economy. Unlike the last one, this one is certain to succeed. He will be releasing approximately $150 billion in funds that have been withheld from Iran for years while sanctions have been in place.     

Instead of the funds being controlled by the greedy bankers the president likes to denounce, they will be in the hands of the Ayatollah, the Iranian Republican Guards, the Quds forces, and the mullahs. Surely they will use these funds wisely. President Obama understands these groups won’t use the money just for “day care centers.” The Iranian leaders know how to make use of these resources to create the better-paying, shovel-ready jobs that eluded Mr. Obama’s last stimulus plan.

Iran has a substantial shopping list of goodies to acquire. From Russia they will buy the world-class, highly advanced S-300 missile defense systems and jet planes to protect Iran’s nonexistent nuclear weapons program. Russian workers will be pleased to have great jobs building the missiles, electronics, and dozens of refueling aircraft. Chinese workers won’t be left out of the stimulus plan, either. Iran will be purchasing advanced Chinese jet fighters.   

No doubt some of the money will be used to purchase needed technical materials and products from North Korea. Helping Iran build nuclear bombs will create more jobs in Asia, aiding the failing North Korean regime. North Korean specialists are already in Iran sharing their expertise in hiding nuclear weapons facilities.

Obama‘s National Security Advisor Susan Rice stated that the Iranian negotiations were never intended to stop Iran’s funding of terrorists. Multiple terrorist groups stand to gain as a direct result of the cash infusion. One of the first beneficiaries will be Hizb’allah, the terrorist organization which has had its funding reduced while the sanctions were in place. Once they get a new injection of funds, they will be able to hire and train more terrorists, buy more ammunition, IEDs, weapons and bombs and invest in thousands of advanced long-range missiles, adding to the 100,000 already targeting Israel from Lebanon. Iranian factories will have to add additional shifts to keep up with the new demand.

Will the Houtis, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Al Aksa  Martyr’s Brigade and many others be left out of the gravy train? Will the Palestinian Authority give raises to the scores of convicted murderers in Israeli jails or will it use the funds to recruit more child killers? Certainly President Obama will keep the American people fully informed about where the money is going. Maybe he’ll even set up a dedicated website so we can all keep track. 

Eventually, the impact of Obama’s plan will trickle down and increase employment in the United States. Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes recognized the consequences of Obama’s grand bargain with Iran: “What we need is a better capacity to interdict weapons shipments, have a maritime capability, to have cyber defenses, to deal with these asymmetric threats from Iran.”

The United States will need to ramp up its depleted and aging defenses to counter Iran’s buying spree. Some of the tens of thousands of fighting men and women laid off under Obama’s watch might be rehired. Ultimately, more American jobs will be created and the United States economy will benefit from President Obama’s signature achievement. With Obama’s ultimate stimulus plan, he can look forward to Nobel Prizes in both Economics and Peace. 

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