Obama to seek more icebreakers for Arctic ice that is supposedly disappearing

Maybe the reason President Obama refuses to release his college grades has to do with his performance in a course on logic.  Compare and contrast this:

President Obama on Tuesday will propose speeding the acquisition and building of new Coast Guard icebreakers that can operate year-round in the nation’s polar regions, part of an effort to close the gap between the United States and other nations, especially Russia, in a global competition to gain a foothold in the rapidly changing Arctic.

With this:

President Barack Obama today called for the U.S. and other Arctic nations to launch more aggressive, faster-paced efforts to combat climate change.

"We know that human activity is changing the climate. That is beyond dispute. Everything else is politics," Obama told the State Department-sponsored GLACIER conference.

The president drew a small cheer when he said those who dispute climate change are on a "shrinking island" of their own. 

"We are not moving fast enough. None of the nations represented here are moving fast enough," Obama said. "And let's be honest. There’s always been an argument against taking action. The notion is that this will curb our economic growth.”

Fundamental to the alarmist claims is that Arctic ice is disappearing:

Sea ice in the Arctic Ocean is at its lowest May level since records began in the 1980s.

Ice coverage around the North Pole is currently just 11.32m sq km, compared with a 30 year average of 12.5m sq km.

This figure is even lower than the 11.89m sq km of 2012, when sea ice coverage reached its lowest summer time level. Ice extent generally reaches its lowest level in mid September. In 2012 there were just 3.2m sq km of sea ice in the Arctic.

Arctic sea ice decreased at a rate of around four percent per decade between 1978 and 1996, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

The IPCC expects the extent of sea ice to decrease by 20 percent by 2050, with some ice-free summers by the same time.

Hat tip: Richard Baehr

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