No, Obama does not want to import 10,000 Muslim migrants. Add another zero to that number.

For those who thought the idea of importing 10,000 “Syrian refugees” was bad enough and who feared the number would go even higher, it just did.

Much, much higher.

Per Bloomberg:

Wednesday at the White House, the most senior national security officials will discuss raising the limit on the number of refugees from around the world allowed to enter the United States -- from 70,000 this year to 85,000 next year and 100,000 in fiscal 2017, three administration officials told me. If members of the National Security Council Principals Committee agree on the plan, it will be sent to President Obama’s desk, and administration sources say he is likely to quickly approve it.

Got that?  Obama wants to import 250,000 more Muslims in the next two years.  And what better cover than to appear compassionate and compelled to act after seeing “images of children washing up on European shores”?  The talking point is that these images “spurred the Obama administration into action” to ensure we take in “our fair share.”

Obama must be frothing at the mouth to have this excuse to flood the United States with more Muslims.  Because it is an excuse and nothing more, since we know full well that as Christians in the Middle East have been kidnapped, raped, enslaved, and murdered in all manner of horrific ways, Obama has not been “spurred” to action.

After all these years of Americans, and indeed the entire world, suffering through Obama’s deceit, his actions still remain shocking to absorb.

Meanwhile, the ever shameful Lindsey Graham has jumped on the Democrat meme of the need to take in “our fair share,” as if there’s some unspoken rule that the United States must accept any and all refugees irrespective of who they are and what threats inevitably accompany them.

There is no “fair share.”  It’s a concocted term.  What there is, however, is something called national security.  Would that someone would pay attention to that.  We would all be a lot better off.

So I’m sorry to be the bearer of (more) bad news regarding “Syrian refugees.”

The only ray of hope is that the process to vet refugee applications takes a long time.  So if we elect a Republican in 2016 and if that Republican understands the nature of this threat, then perhaps we might be able to head some of this off at the pass.


But after nearly 7 years of Obama’s reign of madness, I’m putting my money on his administration, along with the United Nations, finding some way to expedite the application process.

Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, if you think it will matter, contact your elected officials to speak out on this.  My view is that it’s becoming just as critical, if not more so, to contact GOP presidential candidates to get this issue front and center.  They have access to the bullhorn, and they are our future.  So far, none of them is addressing this with the degree of passion, urgency, and truth that it deserves.

Hat tip: The Right Scoop

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