'Muslim Lives Matter' comedy sensation sweeping Great Britain

The key to successful comedy writing often lies in opposites. For example, Hillary Clinton yelling "wimmen! wimmen! wimmen!" and then coming home to find panties much smaller than her own in Bill Clinton's sock draw is humorous, because it is a contrast in opposites. When Democrats celebrate Klansman Robert Byrd and segregationist Woodrow Wilson while decrying imaginary widespread police racism, that too is funny, again because of the irony of opposites.

A new comedy group is touring in Great Britain and they too are using the irony of opposites. Calling themselves "Muslims Live Matter", they are marching in cities in Great Britain committing acts of violence.

In the first video (below), the Rotherham Unites Muslim Lives Matter demonstration can be seem chanting “Who’s Streets? Our streets!” and “Enough is enough; Muslim Live Matter!”

The videos [shown in the article] show what appears to be young Asian men throwing missiles at police in what has been described as a “riot” in the Wellgate area of Rotherham. People became trapped in an adjacent pub, which was described as “under attack.”

When a group marches demanding attention to violence against Muslims, and they themselves claim control of the streets and commit acts of violence, that's the essence of irony.

Not only that, but their protest had many layers of irony to it. Muslims are not being killed in the U.K. in any appreciable numbers (except, of course, for Muslim on Muslim honor killings and the like). But Muslims are being killed in very large numbers in Syria, Iraq, Libya, and other places that European Muslims have not uttered a peep about. I guess those Muslims lives "don't matter".

The other layer of irony is that they have come to a country, voluntarily, where they are not being harmed, and they are demonstrating out of false claims they are being harmed, when in fact a subset of their community is hunting and killing Jews and beheading British soldiers on the streets of Britain.

When a group creates a logo stating "(insert group here) lives matter" it is usually about the opposite, about the groups desire to loot, burn, and kill with impunity while claiming victim status at the same time.

And the comedy? The comedy is not in what they are doing, but in all the dupes and other liberals who fall for their transparent claims of virtuous victimization and feel sympathy for the aggressors.

This article was written by Ed Straker, senior writer of NewsMachete.com, the conservative news site.

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