Mike Huckabee, Kim Davis face rock musician's wrath

It’s becoming a broken record, frankly. 

GOP candidates who use popular rock songs as anthems are often dissed by the musicians who wrote and/or sang the songs.

Neil Young dissed The Donald. Tom Petty dissed George W. Bush and Michele Bachmann. Heart dissed Sarah Palin. John Mellencamp dissed John McCain. The Dropkick Murphys dissed Scott Walker.

And now, Frankie Sullivan of the rock band Survivor has dissed Mike Huckabee and, even more so, Kim Davis.

From NBC News:

The frontman for the classic rock band Survivor isn't seeing eye to eye with Mike Huckabee or newly freed Kentucky clerk Kim Davis after they used one of the group's signature songs without permission.

Frankie Sullivan slammed the pair on his Facebook page on Tuesday for blaring the band's Oscar-nominated 1982 hit, ‘Eye of the Tiger,’ during Davis' release….

Sullivan took a dig at Davis, saying he wouldn't have given her toilet paper—much less the right to his music.

Sullivan sued Newt Gingrich in 2012 over the unauthorized use of the same song. According to one report, Survivor is considering legal action against Davis and, presumably, Huckabee as well. They want to protect “the integrity of the music.”

Yeah, whatever.

I’m not surprised that many of these materially-rich but morally-bankrupt rock musicians detest the liberal media-constructed caricature of the Republican Party. However, they should indeed be compensated for the use of their music -- provided, of course, that such compensation is required by law.

I say this as someone who doesn’t work in the music business and isn’t familiar with all the legalities. Perhaps the use of such songs doesn’t always require authorization or compensation to the artists.

That said, I sincerely doubt Sullivan would be overly upset about the unauthorized use of his song if Kim Davis had done something the left applauded. Maybe a very light and quiet slap on the wrist, but certainly without the nasty message on Facebook.

I guess GOP candidates will have to either a) pay for anthem songs upfront or b) only use songs from conservative-friendly musicians.  

As for Kim Davis, Mathew D. Staver, her attorney, wrote in an email to me:

“Kim Davis is free and her conscience remains clear and unshackled. She will not violate her conscience. Her release just before the rally was as surprising as was her arrest. But we are no closer to resolving this conflict because neither the court nor the governor has undertaken reasonable accommodations for her faith.”