Is the Media Being Insulting to Muslims?

The media is abuzz with Donald Trump's non-response to the man at a rally who complained about Muslims in United States. There were three parts to the man's statement:

- Muslims are a problem for America

- there are Muslim camps set up to train Muslims to kill Americans

- in the declaration that President Obama is a Muslim and not an American

The media's biggest objection to Trump's failure to denounce any of these statements was to the last of the three, that Obama is a Muslim.

This, condemning Trump for not coming to the president's defense, seems to have generated the most ire? Why? Why is the left so clearly angry about Obama being called a Muslim?

The proper response, in order to remain true to the left's theoretical principles, would be:  "President Obama is not insulted by the label of Muslim as there is nothing wrong with being a Muslim. However, it should be noted that Donald Trump displays a certain brand of ignorance that should reflect on his quality as a candidate."

Right? Wouldn't that be a proper response? Then why did they try so vehemently to deny the charge and attack? Could it be it terrifies the left to have Obama being identified with Muslims? If so, why would that be if they believe Muslims are fine people?

Clearly, if President Obama had been accused of being a Hindu, a Jew, or a Buddhist, there wouldn't have been such a passionate outcry and denial. Maybe the left shares the opinion of the man who brought this up at the Trump rally but doesn't want to admit it.