Is the #2 man in line for the presidency mentally unstable?

After the vice president, the #2 man in line for the presidency is the Speaker of the House, John Boehner.  It's important, therefore, for the speaker to be emotionally stable.  But I am not sure that he is.

He engaged in another crying jag when the pope came to visit.  Boehner is Catholic, but so are many politicians, like Nancy Pelosi, and she didn't break down in tears (assuming she still has operable tear ducts, of course).

But this isn't the only time Boehner has broken down.  Boehner has also cried:

1) At an event honoring an obscure painter (Why?)

2) At an event honoring golfer Arnold Palmer (A golfer. A man who puts balls in holes. What is the reason to cry about that?)

3 ) At an event honoring Winston Churchill (Boehner never knew Churchill; does he have an emotional connection with other deceased historical figures?)

4) Listening to Irish music

5) When listening to "America the Beautiful" (Okay, so it's not just Irish music, but a lot of kinds of music.  Do we really want a guy with his finger on the button who starts crying when listening to VH-1?)

5) When giving an award to Neil Armstrong (Armstrong went to the moon.  That was nice.  But why would anyone cry about it?  I'm sure Armstrong didn't cry when he set foot on the moon, so why should Boehner?)

6) When talking about his wife  (I get it.  He likes his wife.  But he's also probably used to her by now.  Why the tears?  Do you think she abuses him?)

7) When talking about the economy  (Does the inflation rate make a normal person cry?  What about the trade deficit?)

8) When he became speaker (You didn't see Pelosi cry when she became speaker.  Neither did Newt Gingrich or any of the Democrat criminals who preceded him.)

You see what I mean?  He sounds unstable.  And he's second in line for the presidency.  What if Obama had a fatal accident on the golf course, and Biden got offed by a jealous husband who didn't appreciate his roaming hands?

Then Boehner becomes president.  Can you imagine him crying when meeting Putin?  Crying when giving news conferences?  Crying when playing golf, or lying in his tanning bed?

He's unstable.  I think he and Orrin Hatch, who is next in line after him, should switch places.  Hatch is liberal, too, but at least he doesn't cry.

This article was written by Ed Straker, senior writer of, the conservative news site.