Iranians take entire Democratic Party hostage, as Mikulski provides 34th vote in Senate for Iran deal

Those four hostages that were not freed by the mullahs as a goodwill gesture in the recent nuclear deal negotiations now have a lot of company. The president and his party have gone all-in, now that Barbara Mikulski has announced that she will provide the 34th vote necessary to sustain a veto of the legislation planned to continue sanctions and override the deal.  As the Review & Outlook column of the Wall Street Journal noted:

So the deal will proceed, and Democrats had better hope it succeeds because they are taking responsibility for Iran’s compliance and imperial ambitions. Politically speaking, they now own the Ayatollahs. (snip)

Democrats will reinforce their ownership if they now use a Senate filibuster to block a vote on the motion of disapproval. More than 50 Senators are expected to oppose the deal, and a large bipartisan majority will oppose it in the House. Yet the White House is pushing for 41 Senate Democrats to enforce a filibuster, so that a bipartisan motion of disapproval dies in the Senate and Mr. Obama wouldn’t have to veto. 

But what a spectacle that would be—the President’s party using a procedural dodge to avoid voting on the merits of so consequential a deal. Previous arms-control pacts of this magnitude were submitted as treaties requiring two-thirds approval by the Senate. Mr. Obama and Senate Democrats maneuvered the Iran deal as an “executive agreement,” so he is able to commit America to trusting the Ayatollahs with the support of a mere partisan minority. At least ObamaCare had a partisan majority

Jonathan S. Tobin of Commentary sees the same problem for the Dems:

Leaving aside the terrible damage the deal does to U.S. security and the stability of the Middle East, the most far-reaching effect of the deal is that from now on Democrats own Iran. From this moment forward, every act of Iranian-sponsored terrorism, every instance of Iranian aggression and adventurism as well as the Islamist regime’s inevitable march to a nuclear weapon can be laid at the feet of a Democratic Party. With a few exceptions, the Democrats fell meekly behind a president determined to prioritize détente with Iran over the alliance with Israel and the need to defend U.S. interests. By smashing the bipartisan consensus that had existed on Iran up until this year, the Democrats have, in effect, become the hostages of the ayatollahs. This is a decision that will haunt them in the years to come. (snip)

…the most important point to be gleaned from Obama’s seeming triumph is that he and his party now bear complete responsibility for Iran’s good conduct as well as its nuclear program. (snip)

what this means is that every act of Iranian terror, every instance of Hamas and Hezbollah using Iranian funds and material to wage war against Israel or moves against Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states must now be seen as having been enabled not just by Obama but also by his party.

If Iran cheats its way to a bomb before the deal expires or uses the wealth that Obama is lavishing on it to get them to agree to this deal to undermine regional stability it won’t be possible in the future for Democrats to say that this was simply Obama’s folly. No, by docilely following his lead for a deal that few of them were eager to embrace, the entire Democratic Party must now pray that the president is right and that Iran will seek to “get right with the world” rather than pursuing a religious and ideological agenda of conflict with the West and Israel.

Iranian misbehavior could take many forms, from annihilating Israel with one well-placed nuke, to invading the Saudi oil fields, to supplying hundreds of thousands (yes, that many) missiles to Hamas and Hezb’allah to rain death down on Israel. None of these are anything I would look forward to, no matter how much damage it does to the Democrats. There would be no satisfaction in “I told you so.”

But we have to stiffen our spines and await the mullahs’ next move. I join the Democrats in hoping the mullahs give up their apocalyptic dreams, for we are all hostages now.

Thanks, Obama

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