Immunity deal for Bryan Pagliano testimony being floated

Tick, tick, tick. If Bryan Pagliano knows anything incriminating about Hillary’s email set-up, he may have to spill his guts, his Fifth Amendment invocation notwithstanding. Stephen Dinan and S.A. Miller report in the Washington Times:

Two top Senate investigators floated the idea of immunity Tuesday to Bryan Pagliano, the staffer who set up the email server in former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s home, in exchange for testimony about her activities. (snip)

They proposed a proffer session, where Mr. Pagliano would let them know what he knows in an off-the-record setting, and all sides could then decide what steps to take.

“The Committees have the authority to obtain an immunity order, to acquire the information they need, while also protecting your right against self-incrimination,” the two senators wrote in a letter to Mr. Pagliano’s lawyer.

The senators would need to coordinate with the Justice Department in order to secure an immunity deal.

Of course, the DoJ could always throw a monkey wrench into this plan, but the suspicion is strong that Hillary Clinton no longer enjoys the sort of immunity most Democrats expect from official action. It’s almost as if she is a Republican. After all, if she gets the Democrats’ nomination, her foreign policy blunders while serving as President Obama’s secretary of state will be a central campaign issue. Obama obviously would not like that, and would prefer a Joe Biden or a Bernie Sanders to harp on the income gap, hoping people would forget how much wider it got under his administration.

There is no guarantee that Pagliano is protecting anything more than his failure to report outside income, by invoking his right to avoid self-incrimination. But there is the possibility that he has unflattering or even criminal information to reveal, if forced to  testify under an immunity deal.

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